Trust Activities

The Trustees are pleased to inform that the Trust has completed one more year of service for the cause of Vedas. The Trust established in 1963 with the Blessings of Sri Mahaswamigal of Kanchi, continues the following activities with the blessings of the present Acharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt

Running Veda Patasalas.

Financial Aid to Veda Patasalas.

Financial Aid to Vidyarthis and scholars under Niyamadhyayana scheme.

Encouraging Vedic Pundits to start Veda Patasalas for rare sakhas.

Conducting Veda Parayanas and Seminars on Vedic Studies.

Conducting yearly examinations at veda patasalas with a team consisting of erudite scholars giving incentives to the adhyapakas (teachers) calculated based on the vedic potion taught every year.

Conducting Final Examinations twice a year during Sri Sankara Jayanthi and Vijayadasami and giving certificates, awards and endowment awards to outstanding students in each Veda.

Encouraging the students by giving stipend for higher studies in Vedas and Vedangas.. Lump-sum cash awards to successful candidates, their teachers and outstanding awards and special grants to students who excel in all respects.

Giving awards to outstanding vidyarthis and to such Vedic scholars who rendered valuable service for the promotion of Vedic studies.

The final exam certificates issued by vrnt is well recognized all over the country by all the scholors and the institutions which stand for the promotion and protection of vedic culture.

Income and Expenditure:

From the enclosed accounts for 2016-2017, it can be inferred that, the trust is now more dependent on donations and rental income. The interest income has come down from RS. 64.05 Lakhs last year to RS. 61.76 Lakhs in the current year due to declining interest rates. We hope the Vedic-Conscious public understands the situation and contribute liberally to augment the resources of the Trust. The following are the main items of expenditure in the current year:

Patasala Expenses RS. 27.56 Lakhs

Payment to Scholars & students RS. 48.12 Lakhs

Donations received shows an increasing trend from RS. 31.66 Lakhs last year to RS. 36.06 Lakhs in the current year. Rent received increased from RS. 18.54 Lakhs last year to RS. 24.48 Lakhs in the current year. We show net income of RS. 31.44 Lakhs in the current year as compared to RS. 15.94 Lakhs last year.


Sri. N Rama Sharma, Executive Trustee laid down office in June 2016 after successfully steering the trust for few years, and Sri. R Sankaran took over as Executive Trustee.


We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our auditors Shri.S.Swaminathan, Chartered Accountant, Chennai for auditing the accounts of the Trust.

Appeal for Corpus Fund

Due to the declining interest rate trend, the target for corpus fund has been revised to RS. 25 Crores to sustain the current level of activities of the trust. We appeal to Philanthropists to donate liberally to augment the corpus of the trust.

Proposal for Sri Kanchi Mahaswamigal Hall and Appeal for Sponsorship

A house property was donated to the trust in 1978 by (Late) Sri. V Sundaram, in West Mambalam, Chennai with the blessings of Sri. Kanchi Mahaswamigal. The house is more than 55 years old and is in dilapidated state and beyond repair. It is proposed to construct, SRI KANCHI MAHASWAMIGAL HALL in that property replacing the dilapidated building, and the Hall would be used for Vedic and related activities apart from generating revenue for the Trust. The estimated cost of construction would be about RS.100 to RS.125 Lakhs.

We request Sponsorship for the proposed Sri Kanchi Mahaswamigal Hall, from the public/ philanthropists. Names of contributories of RS. 1 Lakh and above would be permanently displayed in the Hall.

Philanthropic-minded entities can donate for this cause under Government of India CSR scheme.

Poorthi Examinations

Details of Successful Vidyartis in Vijayadasami 2016 and Sankarajayanthi 2017 in all the Vedas with Vidyarti’s Name, Name of Patasala where the Vidyarti did his Adhyayana, Vidyarti’s photograph and the marks obtained by the Vidyarti are given separately.