Word of God

We must not distrust the belief that the Vedas are not the work of mere mortals. Followers of other religions too ascribe a divine origin to their scriptures. Jesus says that he merely repeats the words of God and, according to Muslims, the Prophet speaks the words of Allah. What we call "apauruseya" is revealed text in their case. The word of the Lord has come through the agency of great men to constitute religious texts.

Whatever our field of work, we must be dedicated to it with one-pointedness of mind for its truths to be revealed. They say that such truths come to us in a flash. A professor told me that the Theory of Relativity occurred to Einstein in a flash, that he knew it intuitively. If we accept such claims, how can we dismiss the belief that the Vedas are not the work of mortals, that they revealed themselves to the seers in their heart-space', seers who were inwardly pure2?


"Heart-space", hrdayakasa, is a mystical concept.

The Paramaguru describes the seers here as men possessing pure "antah-karanas" or "inner organs".